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Your donation for the musician of your choice or a general donation to be divided among all musicians registered on this website will be sent to Medipno OÜ account in Estonia. After you choose your donation sum (ATTN! you can multiply the sum in the shop window, if needed) and complete the order, you shall receive an invoice to your e-mail address from Medipno OÜ, which you can pay to their bank account. The invoice is to be paid immediately. Please double-check the sum of your donation is to your liking. Please write "anonymos" into the transfer if you would not like to appear on our Thank You Wall). Every Monday Medipno OÜ will send the donated money to the musicians to their given bank accounts.

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NB! Medipno OÜ / does NOT take a transaction fee from the donations. All donations will be forwarded to the intended recipients in the full amount (eventual bank fees will be deducted from the donations by the respective financial institutions). All the work needed to be done for the upkeep of the website is done in the form of charity work. Every person receiving the donation is subject to their respective tax law. All musicians receiving the donation are required to re-donate 5% of what they received to a charity of their choice within 7 days of receiving it.

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